eCUEity Essentials

 Lead management, workflow, and basic business management. All for $5/mo.

In the past, there were few options to obtain quality tools to help manage your day-to-day operations for your event management business. But eCUEity is here to change that. With both an Essentials option that provides you with a impressive set of tools to help manage your leads, manage your event, and manage your business or the Premium option that adds automation, collaboration, and deep analytics; there is a solution that will fit your needs.

So what is included in eCUEity Essentials?

Adding An Event Has Never Been Easier

There can be a lot that goes on when a new client inquires about your services. In eCUEity it’s dead simple to enter in this information, and there are some real time saving functions that will make things a snap to use.

  • If there is a conflict a warning will display to let you know.
  • No info? No problem! Just like the event date, there are times you might have only a bit of info.
  • Simple and straight forward entry of data.


See Your Events In A Whole New Light

eCUEity takes a fresh approach to displaying your events. From consolidating information to easy-to-manage areas to the large touch icons that keep this easy to work with on a tablet or a phone, eCUEity resets the bar on event management.

  • See and update your client’s image with ease.
  • A four-section HUD to give you essential information at a glance.
  • An innovative step progress meter for every event.
  • Visually see your clients, venue, and vendors, and employees.

Global Objects

Enter in a vendor or venue once and the entire eCUEity community sees them.

Mobile & Desktop

The design from day one has had phones and tablets in mind. So it looks great on all platforms.

Enterprise Search

Each module has a local and global search option. So search inside an event, or search across the entire application.

Employee Management

Ability to assign employees to specific events.

Are you ready to have ALL THE FEATURES?

Check out eCUEity Premium to see the plethora of features in store.

Are you ready for eCUEity Essentials?

Lots of tools in a single pane of glass. It's time to jump on board!