eCUEity Premium

 Lead management, automation, workflow, deep analytics, and so much more.

So this has been brewing in the lab for a while now. As a wedding DJ I was seeing the shortcomings of all the applications I had tried out and knew there had to be a better way to do this. And the result of that was eCUEity, an application that gives you unprecedented insight into your business, helps to manage the entire lifecycle of your clients, and will ultimately save you time and money over the other offerings out there.

So what is included in eCUEity Premium?

Events With Automated Functionality

Along with the offerings that Essentials has to offer, the Premium version includes:

  • Automation tools built into the step progress meter that will let you send emails, assign tasks, and other workflow elements to help you speed up your processing of your events.
  • Dynamic forms to collect information from clients.
  • Timestream will enable you to see all the past, present, and anything upcoming related to the event.

The Integrated Timeline

A revolutionary new way to be able to collect and manage data in a form.

  • Creates a time saving form that breaks down questions inside of each timeline element.
  • Allows clients to be able to parse information in a logical timed progression.
  • Create ad-hoc questions specialized for a specific event
  • Shares out the timeline to other vendors to resolve conflicts right away and ensures everyone is on the same page
  • Create and recall templates for different types of events.

The Business Dashboard

Bringing together all the essential information about your business, you are greeted with the following elements:

  • A four-part HUD giving you your year to date earnings, average gig price, how many events are booked, and how many inquiries you have had.
  • A breakdown on the types of gigs you have signed.
  • A meter to see how far you are from meeting your sales goals.
  • An upcoming list of any event, task, appointment, or if a new lead has inquired about your services.
  • A lead conversion analysis to know how well you are performing.
  • A quick view calendar.
  • What the upcoming weather looks like.

Global Objects

Enter in a vendor or venue once and the entire eCUEity community sees them.

Mobile & Desktop

The design from day one has had phones and tablets in mind. So it looks great on all platforms.

Enterprise Search

Each module has a local and global search option. So search inside an event, or search across the entire application.

Employee Management

Ability to assign employees to specific events.

Easy To Add Events

Easily add an event to the system even if there is no real information on it.

Visual Interpretation

Visually see your clients, vendors, venues, employees on screen.

Business Intelligence

Review actionable data such as, ROI on advertisements, define sales goals, discover trends year over year, etc.

Smart Alerts

Know when payments are overdue, if clients have not responded in a time frame, and more.

Payment Options

PayPal, Square, and other payment integration services and automatically record transactions.


Share critical information like your timeline to event attached vendors.


Define and automate everything from email dispatches to changing the state of your clients.

Customer Service

“White Glove” service to maintain an excellent relationship with you.

$450/lifetime and unlimited events.

Take advantage of this limited time offer.

Or would you rather eCUEity Essentials?

Sometimes you just don’t need all the features.