Login and Signup

Now at first glance these pages look like a typical login and sign up page.

There is a bit more secret sauce to this. First when you are signing up you may find that your business is already added to the system. eCUEity shares some of the same concepts as Yelp which allows people to add a business if it does not exist in the system. These business all live in the same playground which will save you and everyone lot of time. Why? Well being a business in eCUEity is the collaboration tools that will allow your fellow businesses to attach you to an event. No more duplicating information over and over and over again. No more worrying if the information is accurate because when a business updates information (say a phone number or point of contact) you’ll be able to see that information. It provides an unprecedented savings in time and labor keeping up with all the business you are in contact with.

When registering, eCUEity will check to see if any activity of your name, email, or phone is in the system. If not you register your business and you’re done. If there is, you simply claim your business, update anything that is out of date, and you’re done.


  • Login – Complete as of v0.8
  • Register – Complete as of v0.8
  • Global Business Object – Complete as of v0.8
  • Claim Your Business – Planned for v0.8.1 of Essentials and Premium